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first post: DrWeb wrote: HiCould you please say are the following things are supported with ...

WCF DynamicClientProxy custom config

first post: zgj8128 wrote: question:WCF DynamicClientProxy custom config

Is this possible to use this lib without disposing dynamic client.

first post: Resharper wrote: Hi folk!As far as I understood the only way to use this lib is the ...

the changesets is slower than 1.3.1

first post: zmap wrote: I test the program, find that the changesets is slower than 1.3.1, ...

Adapted code to overload with Binding and Endpoint

first post: LOBOMINATOR wrote: HelloI adapted your code to support Binding and Endpoint in the con...

latest post: ahaupt wrote: Hi Daniel,I'm quit interested in your approach. Would it be possibl...

Programmatically configure bindings and endpoints

first post: ahaupt wrote: Great library this. It works like a charm.I do have one question th...

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